Brent Wilson

My name is Brent Wilson and I have been creating and running websites and online communities since 2003. Below is a timeline of how I got to where I am today starting with my first dabble in creating my own website.

The Beginning

In 2003 I was a Junior in High School and driving a 1995 V6 Mustang that I loved working on. In order to find information on it I stumbled upon a V6 Mustang forum called As someone who was always interested in computers in the internet I wasn’t happy just being a member of, I wanted my own online forum and with that I registered my first domain name, evolved into, which evolved into (dead domain) and eventually ended up as (The latter name coming from a Mustang poster I had hanging on my wall but also perfectly described the evolution of the site itself.)

The Move kept growing and growing (it was one of the largest Ford Mustang websites in the world, being featured on Autoblog, Jalopnik and even Ford’s own social media pages) and one day I decided to sell half of the site to my good friend Andy over at and head over to Dallas, TX and work with him on both and on his own sites as well. This is now 2011.

Around 9 months later I figured out Texas wasn’t for me and at the the time I simply wasn’t enjoying running anymore and with that I sold the remaining half of my ownership of and moved to Chattanooga, TN.

While in Chattanooga I begin a partnership with my buddy Rex who owns GroupNet, LLC. We started a company called and begin looking for forums to create and purchase. I spent a year in Chattanooga before home finally called and I headed back to Huntsville, AL where I was born and raised most of my life.

The Current

Over the last 4+ years of living back in Huntsville, Rex and I have bought and sold blogs and forums. As mentioned earlier, our current portfolio can be seen at I also have three other blogs, and

My skill set includes community management, SEO optimization, web server administration and marketing. Our company lives on the bleeding edge of technology in every aspect of the previous mentioned skills and everyday is spent pushing our sites to be the best they can be in their niche.

The Future

Is anyone’s guess but I am excited to see where it takes me next!


Brent Wilson